My name is Roza, and I am the founder of this company – as well as an event organiser and a certified balloon decorator.

Getting my start with balloons in 2017 in Latvia, I have seen what joy balloons can create, which is why I have dedicated myself to them. Establishing this company in Switzerland is my dream come true!

I aim to help people make their parties, events, presentations, and marketing campaigns unforgettable and magical, pouring my heart and soul into everything from design to client services. This is passion for me, and my team and I promise you outstanding service, reliable products, trendy styles, and reasonable pricing any time you shop Faraday.

At Faraday, you can count on top-quality balloons made with eco-friendly materials. We use nothing but the finest natural biodegradable latex. Still, balloons can disrupt wildlife, endanger aircraft, and pollute the sky, so even when you are using one of our balloons, we still encourage you to be responsible with how you dispose of them.

Faraday Event Deco & Balloons is about a whole more than just balloons. We cherish all our clients and all our orders, from the smallest single orders all the way up to the largest corporate purchases. We entertain all requests, finding inspiration in the people we serve.