Faraday Balloons
Rose with balloons

Welcome to Faraday Event Deco & Balloons online shop!

My name is Roza, I am the proud founder of this company. People usually believe balloons are only suitable for children’s parties, yet Faraday is giving them a greater purpose. Balloons are now becoming the ultimate feel-good accessory to enhance any celebration. Ample and tastefully composed, our eye-catching arrangements are perfect for every occasion. After our signature balloons became so popular and recognizable, my business grew into fulfilling many more customers’ wants and desires, being their balloon fairy throughout Geneva. 

I started working with balloons in 2017 in Latvia and witnessed the joy that they provide during my creative process, as well as for the people benefitting from my productions. My very first Faraday balloon company still exists in Riga to this day.

Hoping to send a surprise to my future husband one morning, I realised that no balloon company in Geneva offers a wide range of nice designs with delivery, for a reasonable price. That day, I got determined to open a balloon business to everyone’s delight. 

The lockdown was announced shortly after I received my first working materials. Amazingly, my phone didn't stop ringing for a second - there were so many people in need of a little joy and therefore hoping to order stylish balloon creations. And that's how it all started: through word of mouth, the news of a balloon company with a brand new concept in Geneva started to spread. 

My team and I now work tirelessly to make every single occasion magical and unforgettable, pouring heart and soul into everything from design to client service. No matter how big or small your request may be, something extraordinary awaits!