Faraday Balloons

Questions & answers

How long will helium balloons last?

30 cm. latex balloons generally last between 12‐20 hours when filled with helium, and 3-30 days when treated with Hi‐Float depending on various environmental condition (It's a tough world out there, if you're a balloon: sun, wind, rain, high altitudes, and grit are all formidable threats to a balloon's welfare).

Larger latex balloons will fly for longer, up to 1 month.

Foil balloons last up to 4 weeks, and you can add air using a straw in order to maintain the shape of the balloon.

Why balloons don’t fly as long in the summer?

In warmer weather, the flight time of balloons is much shorter than in the cold! Humidity and warm air, as well as UV rays from Sun destroy latex. These factors cause micropores to form and helium escapes through them quicker. Any additions to helium balloons (diodes, confetti, tassel, etc.) will also reduce their flight time.

Why are helium balloons not cheap?

We are running out of helium on a global scale. Many people do not realize that helium is a naturally occurring, non-renewable gas and there is no way to cheaply make more of it, or create a substitute. Many industries require helium. Due to this helium shortage, gas producers increase prices every quarter. However, thanks to a good rate from a large European balloon supplier, Faraday can afford to offer the most reasonable pricing in Geneva (and probably in all of Switzerland!).

What is Hi‐Float?

Hi‐Float is a liquid protective coating that is inserted into the balloon and spread around to prevent helium from escaping as quickly. It is non‐toxic.

Can you inflate my own balloons?

Yes, but only if they were produced in the USA or Europe. Chinese rubber balloons are harmful to health and can trigger an allergic reaction in some children. We do not want to get involved with something that may cause such health problems.

Can you sell me balloons not inflated with helium?

Balloon may have defects which become apparent only after inflation. This is why we only sell balloons pre-filled with helium or air. This way, in case there is a defect, we are able to replace it immediately.

Is helium flammable?

No, helium is not flammable, and therefore it is very safe to use.

Can I suck the helium out of a balloon and make my voice funny?

It can be fatal to suck helium from a balloon, because it displaces the oxygen from your lungs! Do not under any circumstances allow children to do this!

Can I transport balloons with my own car?

If the rear seats are empty, you can transport up to 40 balloons in a standard size car. However, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not load balloons into a dusty trunk!

  • Do not open car windows while transporting balloons

  • Do not direct the fan at the balloons

  • Do not leave balloons in a hot car interior

  • Do not push and pull balloons with force