Faraday Balloons
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1.  Products and services

SARL Faraday Event Deco & Balloons (global trademark) sells helium filled balloons as well as air filled installations and arches, and provides services including balloon printing, event decoration and rental of decorative articles.

2.  Minimum order amount and payment

For balloons collected from our office – minimum amount: 50 CHF.-

For balloons to be delivered – minimum amount may be higher than 100.- depending on the distance and desired location in Geneva or Vaud.

The full price of the order must be paid before the date of the event and proof of payment must be provided upon request by our manager.

3.  Delivery and Installation

 We deliver 24/7 all year round, though this is subject to availability of cars and time slots. Rates vary by region and can range from CHF 0 to 200, depending on location and time of delivery. We may ask you to provide us with a suitable space to prepare your order on site, if the quantity of balloons exceeds the transportable limit. If such space cannot be provided, additional delivery trips or rental of a larger vehicle may be required, costs to be added to the final price.

For deliveries to premises such as hotels, restaurants, bars, business centers, etc., you shall agree access times with the venue prior to placing the order. Faraday Event Deco & Balloons will attempt to contact you or the delivery location using the contact details provided, if appropriate. 

4.  Cancellations 

Orders paid for online may be cancelled via phone call or email, subject to the following conditions:

(i)   More than 48 hours’ notice - no cancellation fee. Money will be refunded in full.

(ii)  Within 48 hours - 10% cancellation fee. 

(iii)  Within 24 hours - 50% cancellation fee. 

(iv  Within 10 hours - 100% cancellation fee.

You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation by email. If you have not heard back within 5 hours of your cancellation request, please call us on +41793065459.

5.  Changing and rescheduling an order

Orders may be changed or rescheduled with at least 24 hours’ notice by contacting Faraday Event Deco & Balloons. Changes are subject to availability of stock and time slots. 

6. Substitutions

In the unusual event that a substitution is required, Faraday Event Deco & Balloons will contact you to offer one or more items of equal/ greater value, or may provide a replacement for the missing balloon if the overall style, theme and color scheme are not affected.

7. Float times and different conditions

All of our latex balloons are treated with a special Hi-Float polymer glue that allows latex balloons to float for up to 1,5 weeks under ideal conditions. However, please be aware that the floating time can be reduced up to 10 times due to humidity, and environmental changes. Weather conditions are included such as elevations above sea levels (e.g. mountains), exposure to direct sunlight, or heat and cold air.

Cold air, including air conditioning, can cause aluminum balloons to shrivel. They shall then return to their original condition when exposed to normal temperatures. 

8. Defective Products

Faraday Event Deco & Balloons takes the utmost care in preparing all orders and is proud to provide high quality products and customer service. Our standard: every item leaves the store in perfect condition. As such :

  1. In the exceptional case that the balloons are damaged during transport, we will replace the faulty product in the shortest possible time or refund the damaged item.
  2. Faraday Event Deco & Balloons accepts no responsibility for your balloon order after it has been safely delivered, that is if no immediate complaint has been registered by the recipient of the order.
  3. Faraday Event Deco & Balloons shall not refund, replace or exchange items that have been damaged after delivery, due to lack of care or adverse environmental conditions.

9. Security Measures 

A. Do not inhale helium from balloons. Helium is not in itself toxic or flammable, but breathing it can cause asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen).

B. Do not release mylar (aluminum) balloons outdoors. Power outages, fire or electric shock can occur if these balloons get tangled in power lines.

C. Burst latex balloons are a choking hazard for young children and can be deadly to pets. Do not leave young children or pets unattended with latex balloons.

 Faraday Event Deco & Balloons SARL cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents caused by failure to heed these warnings.

10. Privacy Policy

10.1 Payment details

We collect the following information upon the placing of your order: name, address, phone number and email address, credit/debit card number and expiration date. 

This last information allows us to process the online payment and fulfill your order.

We accept payments through Stripe and Twint. Some of your data needed to process or handle the payment will then be transmitted when processing your purchase, such as the total amount and billing information. Read Stripe's Privacy Policy and Twint Privacy Policy for more details.

Your payment method information (credit card number) is encrypted when you make a payment. We do not store the actual payment method details on our website, but we are able to process refunds if necessary, through Stripe and Twint settings.

10.2. GDPR

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10.3 Usage of photos

The privacy and confidentiality of our clients is a matter of serious concern to us, however, we may take photos and videos of our creative work on client property as part of our marketing program. Unless there has been a written warning or request to not take and use pictures on a client's premises prior to or during installation, we may post such photos on our social media in order to showcase our products online or promote our services.

We may use photos taken on social media and our company website as well as in paid online advertisements or printed brochures, and share them with other clients as an example of our default work, unless the customer has prohibited it in writing. 

A written form allows us to request permission to use distinctive customer photos in our social media. Once authorization is received, we can post it online and use it as promotional material. 

If you believe your privacy is at risk after we post a photo of our designs on your property, you can always ask us to remove it and your request will be respectfully granted.

10.4 Usage of Client’s corporate logo

If a company or business asks Faraday Event Deco & Balloons to be their supplier and

1) if any photo shows a banner/furniture with the company logo next to our balloons

2) if there is no written ban on publishing photos of balloons with custom logos

3) if we have not signed a non-disclosure agreement

Then we shall use photos of our products online, for private and business customers, and use them as marketing material. Please note that company logos can be added to the list of partners on our website without a necessary warning of such promotional action.